A Semantic Model for an Electronic Health Record
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  Terry Roach   Terry Roach
CAPSICUM Business Architects
  Dean Allemang   Dean Allemang
Principal Consultant
Working Ontologist, LLC


Wednesday, August 20, 2014
02:15 PM - 03:00 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

eHaas is a national platform for personal electronic health records that is currently being rolled out in Australia. The design for the eHaas platform was provided by CAPSICUM, a semantic framework for strategically aligned business architectures. This presentation will demonstrate how a semantic meta-model was used to build a business architecture ontology that guided the functional and technical design of eHaas and will illustrate:

  • the CAPSICUM semantic meta-model and Jalapeno modelling environment for designing business architecture ontologies;
  • use of semantic technologies in a model-driven engineering approach to enterprise systems design and development;
  • semantic designs of conceptual and logical information models and service catalogs for a major technology platform;
  • alignment of conceptual information models and business service definitions to RDF schemas for several major health reference models (HL7, FHIR and National Health Data Dictionary);
  • mapping of logical information models and technical service descriptions to underlying health related business applications;

Dr. Terry Roach is the founder of CAPSICUM Business Architects, an Australian software vendor that has developed the Jalapeno semantic modelling platform. He holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales, where his 2011 thesis developed The CAPSICUM Framework, a semantic meta-model for the design of strategically aligned business architecture ontologies.

Dean Allemang is the author of the leading textbook on Semantic Technologies (Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist), Dean has trained over a thousand professionals on the application and deployment of Semantic Web technology. Dean is an experienced Data Management Consultant and Trainer in Semantic Technologies and sits on the design committees of several major international standards bodies. Dean currently directs Working Ontologist LLC, a consultancy that specializes in develpment and deployment of semantic web solutions. His current industry focus is in Finance, Media, and Environmental Sustainability.

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