Efficient Management of Contextual Data in Triple Stores
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  Dean Allemang   Dean Allemang
Principal Consultant
Working Ontologist, LLC
  John Snelson   John Snelson
Lead Engineer
MarkLogic Corporation


Wednesday, August 20, 2014
03:15 PM - 04:00 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

As semantic web data systems mature, they are expected to take on more of the advanced features of familiar data systems, including coherent management of security, provenance and temporal and bitemporal data. But the same flexibility that makes RDF so useful for managing distributed and changing data poses particular challenges when it comes to managing context. These challenges have been recognized in many industries, most notably finance and health care, where various solutions are being considered by various standards committees. Pure RDF solutions have turned out to be too complex or not expressive enough to cover known use cases, especially for temporal and bitemporal data management.

In this talk, we will show how combining an RDF store(queried with SPARQL) with a document store provides a simple, elegant and powerful solution to these problems. The solution is quite general, and can be applied uniformly to all forms of contextual data.

In this talk, we will present:

  • a simple, practical solution to the problems of modeling contextual data in RDF,
  • focusing on bi-temporal data, a catalog of known issues with pure-RDF solutions,
  • a description of the implementation of a current triple store that allows arbitrary contextual information to be associated with RDF triples,
  • a demonstration of working examples of bi-temporal queries in that triple store,
  • extension of the approach, allowing it to manage access control (security), provenance and other context information in an RDF triple store.

Dean Allemang is the author of the leading textbook on Semantic Technologies (Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist), Dean has trained over a thousand professionals on the application and deployment of Semantic Web technology. Dean is an experienced Data Management Consultant and Trainer in Semantic Technologies and sits on the design committees of several major international standards bodies. Dean currently directs Working Ontologist LLC, a consultancy that specializes in develpment and deployment of semantic web solutions. His current industry focus is in Finance, Media, and Environmental Sustainability.

John Snelson is a Lead Engineer at MarkLogic, where he works on the Server Development team. John has over 10 years experience working on databases like Oracle's Berkeley DB XML and MarkLogic. He is a member of the W3C XQuery Working Group and the W3C XSLT Working Group, and co-editor of a number of XQuery specifications. He has worked on language implementations of XQuery, XSLT, and most recently SPARQL, and on database transactions, indexes, and compression.

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