Detailed Explanations in English of Rich Reasoning for E-Learning and Compliance
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  Benjamin Grosof   Benjamin Grosof
Coherent Knowledge
  Janine Bloomfield   Janine Bloomfield
Director of Marketing and Operations
Coherent Knowledge Systems, LLC


Thursday, August 21, 2014
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  All - General Audience

We present a new system that provides full explanations in remarkably natural English, for rich reasoning with scalable, highly expressive semantic rules and ontologies. We focus on two case studies in:
  1. E-learning with personalized tutoring and guidance. Answers are given and explained, based on deep capture and accurate command of subject matter content.
  2. Compliance with financial regulations and related policies. Decisions are automated and explained, likewise.
These utilize our new methods for:
  • Reasoning using a fully semantic RuleML/W3C draft standard, Rulelog, that extends the logic of databases to include ontologies, defeasible higher-order logic formulas, provenance, and bounded rationality. Defeasibility handles the logical exceptions and inconsistency conflicts that are almost always encountered.
  • Logic-based natural language generation. Called Textual Logic generation, it leverages the high flexibility of Rulelog's expressiveness and techniques for rapid semi-automatic encoding of natural language into precise logic.

Benjamin Grosof is CTO, CEO, and co-founder of Coherent Knowledge, a software-centric startup that is commercializing a major research breakthrough in logic-based artificial intelligence combined with natural language processing. He is an industry leader in the theory and practice of how to reason with and acquire logical knowledge. He has pioneered semantic technology and industry standards for rules combined with ontologies, their acquisition from natural language, and their applications in finance, e-commerce, policies, e-learning, life science, defense intelligence analysis, legal regulations, and security/privacy. He co-founded RuleML and had driving roles in W3C RIF and OWL-RL. Previously he was senior research program manager in advanced AI for Paul G. Allen, MIT Sloan professor and IBM Research scientist. His background includes a part-time expert consulting practice, Harvard BA, Stanford PhD, 60+ refereed publications, three patents, and five major industry software products.

Dr. Janine Bloomfield leads marketing and operations at Coherent Knowledge Systems, including knowledge engineering of concept prototypes. Her experience and passion lies especially in education and in communicating technical concepts and materials to less-technical audiences. Previously she was a senior scientist, on global climate change, at Environmental Defense Fund, one of the most influential USA environmental non-profits. There she did science communications, including: national media; state and federal policy advising; and science curriculum development. Her background includes a Stanford MS in biology, a Yale PhD in ecosystem ecology, and a US Forest Service postdoc on acid rain. She also teaches mindfulness part-time.

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