Practical SPARQL Benchmarking Revisited
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  Robert Vesse   Robert A Vesse
Software Engineer


Thursday, August 21, 2014
02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Two years ago, we presented the initial release of our SPARQL benchmarking tool. Since then we've continued to use it heavily internally at YarcData and have evolved the tool to provide a framework for automated testing of SPARQL systems. In this talk we'll present the current state of the tool and talk about how we're using it today in our day-to-day work. This will include discussing how the framework, into which we've evolved the original tool, can be used to test much more than just basic SPARQL operations.

Rob is a Sofware Engineer at YarcData (part of Cray Inc) where he works on their RDF/SPARQL based graph analytics appliance Urika. Rob is also active in the open source world being the Lead Developer on the dotNetRDF Project as well as a committer on the Apache Jena project.

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