The Semantic Web of Interoperable Specs and Standards (SWISS)
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  David Winchell   David F Winchell
Software Engineer
XSB, Inc.
  Michael Grove   Michael H Grove
Chief Software Architect
Clark & Parsia, LLC
  John Pace   John T. Pace
Vice President, Publications & Marketing
ASTM International


Wednesday, August 20, 2014
04:15 PM - 05:00 PM

Level:  All - General Audience

Specification and Standards used in industry and government contain detailed, authoritative information on parts, materials, and processes. They are typically disseminated in PDF or hard-copy format. Finding specific information within a collection of these documents can be difficult. In addition, these documents are heavily cross-referenced and a given task can require information from several documents.

In order to enable the development of interoperable specifications, we have been developing an RDF vocabulary for specification documents, including the semantics of the requirements contained in the document. On a pilot basis, we have been populating as store of information using documents from several sources, and have been building applications that make use of the data. This work is being carried out by a collaboration of industry, government, and standards development organizations.

In this panel, representatives from these organizations will provide their perspectives on SWISS and discuss future directions.

  • XSB, Inc.
  • ASTM International
  • DLA
  • Clark & Parsia

Dr. David Winchell is a Senior Programmer at XSB, Inc. where he has served as the technical lead on the CDUM (Customer Driven Uniform Manufacture) project funded by DLA. This project has resulted in the development of TexSpecs, a semi-automated system designed to convert a set of government purchase descriptions, commercial item descriptions, and specifications into digital models. David Winchell received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1990, and has held research positions at Oak Ridge National Lab and the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining XSB in 2007, Dr. Winchell worked at the National Nuclear Data Center at Brookhaven National Lab.

Michael Grove is the Chief Software Architect/VP of Engineering at Clark & Parsia, LLC. A graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in Computer Science, he first joined the team in November 2005. In addition to providing day-to-day technical guidance across the organization, Michael is the primary developer of Stardog.

John Pace has served as the Vice President of Publications and Marketing for ASTM International since early 2003. In this role he is responsible for all the commercial related activities at ASTM to include editorial, production, product management, U.S. and international sales, marketing, and licensing and special permissions. Prior to joining ASTM, John was Senior Vice President of Standards Business Development at Information Handling Services. In his 24 years at IHS he also served in a number of other positions including sales, sales management, product management, and executive management. John is a 1977 graduate of Virginia Military Institute where he received a degree in Economics and Business, and he also earned an MBA from the University of Puget Sound in 1979. John also served as an officer in the 9th Infantry Division in the U.S. Army at Fort Lewis, Washington prior to joining IHS.

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