Semantic Movie Explorer – Film Cruiser
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  Lukasz Porwol   Lukasz Porwol
Phd Researcher
Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway


Thursday, August 21, 2014
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The proliferation of high definition video streaming services generated content galore of varying quality and limited content descriptions. Moreover fixed age thresholds and general audience recommendations limit the consumer experience. Thus, while the notion of the of ubiquitous movie streaming services is plausible – the rich meta-data descriptions, dynamic indexing enabling automatic, personalized content recompilation to support narrow or specific target group, more granular discoverability and enhanced movie experience is yet to be addressed. We present Semantic Movie Explorer - Film Cruiser - a solution augmenting the streaming services with a set of key extensions for better consumer experience and expanded audience support of interest for Media Marketing Executives, developing media business strategies as well as Data Designers for media product development. We elaborate on direct value added to content dissemination and extended movie experience from the particular use of deep Semantic Content Indexing and Semantic Search, and conclude with case-based applications. In short:
  • We provide movie streaming service customer experience analysis and discuss the business innovation opportunities from the use of Film Cruiser platform.
  • We deliver a case-based analysis for marketing and business executives, analysts, enterprise architects and data designers for the use of Film Cruiser as a content audience-widening tool.
  • We discuss Film Cruiser tools capabilities and future extensions as means of creating the Dynamic Content Audience Adjustment Standard (DCAAS).
  • We elaborate on the use of Semantic Web technologies for video content management for business value creation.

Lukasz Porwol is a PhD researcher at INSIGHT @ NUI Galway - The Centre for Data Analytics. His research work focuses on leveraging social media, games and mobile technologies to support effective dialogue between citizens and decision-makers. Lukasz is an experienced leader, consultant and developer involved in multiple initiatives. He has been an active member of the Galway Transport Advisory Board as an IT expert and is the IT Director for the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland Limited. He has been given The Best Research Paper Award at the ICEGOV 2013 Conference, Seoul, Korea. Lukasz was a finalist at YOUNG 2012, Transport Research Arena 2012, Athens, Greece. He was a finalist in the Apps4Fingal mobile app competition and was co-coordinator of the official app project development for the Volvo Ocean Race 2012 final in Galway. His background combines solid engineering and scientific knowledge (MSc in Computer Science and Eng. in Information Technologies) with good management

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