Linked Data in the Model: Capitalizing on Relationships
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  Fred Willerup   Fred Willerup
Development Manager
Healthwise, Inc.
  Benjamin Harris   Benjamin D Harris
Sr. Engineer
Healthwise, Inc.
  Adam Kimball   Adam Kimball
Director of Engineering, Content Technology
Healthwise, Inc.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014
04:15 PM - 05:00 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

The strength of semantic modeling is in combining facts in a way that includes an intuition about the facts being combined. Semantic data isn’t restricted to parent-and-child roles between labels—the relationships between facts are facts themselves. Furthermore, it’s possible to weave metadata about facts into data sets, to build models that provide advice about their own portability. It’s that portability that we believe holds great value for the leagues of projects that aren’t ostensibly about semantics.

In this presentation, we’ll examine how semantic technologies can be used to add both expressivity and future-proofing at the model tier. Healthwise has built a content manufacturing platform that allows us to stitch together a wide array of content types/formats to form engaging interactive products. Utilizing RDF, SPARQL, Jena and other technologies, our Interactive Content Platform gives us the ability to render complex information graphs as interactive experiences.

  • It’s not just about data, it’s also about relationships
  • Relationships establish the reason that facts are related
  • Relationships grow the structure of data organically
  • Relationships naturally form bonds between data sets
  • Relationships expose obtainable depth across knowledge areas

Fred leads the interactive content team at Healthwise, creating infrastructure, tools and products that help people make better health decisions.

Ben Harris is architect of the Interactive Content Platform and has been a proponent of semantic web technologies for many years.

Adam Kimball finds content delivery to be a righteous subject. For over a decade, he’s sought to build better ways to build and deliver content. These days, Adam is focused on semantics and technology but through the lens of a modular content platform.

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