It's Just Commerce (TM), Meeting the Omnichannel Challenge with the Global Language of Business
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  Rich Richardson   Rich Richardson
Vice President, Emerging Capabilities and Industries


Thursday, August 21, 2014
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Join us to discuss the increasing value and relevance of standardized HTTP URI structures and Ontologies to business processes surrounding Search and Discovery, omnichannel enablement, and SEO. Standardizing a Linked Data model for the representation of the GS1 System on the Web will allow brand owners and retailers of all sizes to realize increased online visibility, improved search engine results, and more complete connection to their customers. This work is also foundational to enabling old data systems (spreadsheets and databases) to connect more efficiently across organizational silos. We're bringing together major industry players, search engines, solution providers, app developers, and digital marketing experts in a forum where fresh ideas can be exchanged, where we can understand the quickly-evolving landscape of omnichannel commerce, and where we can develop the Standards and Guidelines needed to assure that your investments are even more relevant in the coming years.

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Rich Richardson is the Vice President, Emerging Capabilities and Industries at GS1 US where he is responsible for the identification and management of research, development, incubation, and piloting of GS1 US emerging products, services, and standards. He works with manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and solution and technology providers to identify business process improvement opportunities that leverage GS1 standards based supply chain solutions. He joined GS1 US in 2003 after gaining extensive global experiences in all phases of demand and supply chain, including strategy development and process improvement with Black and Decker, and Rockwell International.

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