Semantic SOA: Dynamic, Data-driven, Policy-Controlled Apps and Processes
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  Dave Duggal   Dave Duggal
Founder and Managing Director


Thursday, August 21, 2014
09:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Our applications and processes increasingly depend on distributed and diverse systems, databases, and devices. While Service Orientation provides an architecture for managing services, it just assumes the applications layer will handle the complexity of building and maintaining connections. So while our apps may no longer be monolithic black boxes, they remain a collections of tightly-coupled objects. After much effort, the reality is that every app and process remains a silo - we simply kicked the interoperability can down the road. Dealing with exceptions and coping with change is still hard, we ain’t agile yet!

To achieve the long promised business agility we need to enable dynamic discovery, provisioning, configuration and adaptation of services. It’s time to take the next logical step in the history of IT Architecture. Instead of continuing to hardwire our business logic and services together at design-time, we need to put business logic in charge of binding the right app, data, process, network and UI resources at run-time - Semantic SOA!

This talk will describe how Semantic SOA builds on Service thinking. Dave will discuss limitations of Bus technology and the cost of non-differentiating application middleware, and how Semantic SOA liberates cycles to drive I/O and compute intensive applications and processes. In this way, Semantic SOA changes the economics of real-time processing. It makes event-driven applications practical (performant, scalable, and manageable) for organizations of all types and sizes. Like SOA, Semantic SOA is domain independent. It supports any application or process for human processes and infrastructure apps.

Dave founded EnterpriseWeb LLC ( in 2009. EnterpriseWeb® is an application platform for dynamic, data-driven applications and processes. Dave is a proven business leader who has made a career of building, growing and turning around companies over the last twenty-five years. The outspoken entrepreneur has been interviewed on Dateline NBC and presented at TED6. Dave is a proponent of next generation ‘smart’ business processes. He is co-inventor of the patented EnterpriseWeb technology and is the author of several academic papers on web-style software architecture. In addition, Dave is regularly published and interviewed in industry journals and books, and is a popular speaker at tech conferences. Dave is a member of the Object Management Group (OMG), the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), The TM Forum (TMF), Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), and the Workflow Management Coalition (WFMC).

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