Bigdata(r): Powering Graph Analytics at Scale and Enabling Semantic Technologies for the Enterprise
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  Bryan Thompson   Bryan Thompson
Chief Scientist
    Mike Personick
Managing Partner


Wednesday, August 20, 2014
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  All - General Audience

SYSTAP's open source solutions provide a fast, scalable, and highly available platform for graph data, graph mining, and graph query. We will discuss the convergence of property graphs and RDF/SPARQL, when to use graph mining algorithms versus high-level query languages like SPARQL, when to scale-out versus scale-up, and how to build reliable business applications on open source technologies. We will also provide a glimpse into the next generation MapGraph platform with blazing performance of up to 3 billion traversed edges per second and demonstrated scaling out to 64 nodes. Learn why EMC, Autodesk, Yahoo7, DARPA, and major financial institutions repeatedly choose SYSTAP technologies to build graph-based solutions.

Mr. Bryan B. Thompson is the co-founder and Chief Scientist of SYSTAP, LLC and the chief architect of bigdata®. SYSTAP provides solutions that bridge the gap between real-world, mission-critical customer problems and innovative research, emerging technologies, and open-source software. For several years, Mr. Thompson has focused on assessing and applying Semantic Web technologies to support semantics-based federation (mashups) at scale (10s of billions of triples). Mr. Thompson is the founder and lead author of the bigdata® open source project, which is developing a scale-out database and computing fabric. He was a member of the W3C RDF Data Access Working Group and the XML Topic Maps working group and is an advocate for the role of provenance in metadata standards.

Michael Personick has been a professional software engineer since 1995 with an exclusive focus on Semantic Web technologies since 2003. Michael’s early career focused on applied research and development for the Intelligence Community. In 2003 while working at SAIC, Michael began to focus on applying Semantic Web technologies to support the federation and semantic alignment of heterogeneous data sets at very large scale for the IC. In 2006, Michael co-founded SYSTAP, LLC, and the open-source project bigdata®, a pure-Java, horizontally-scaled RDF database. Michael is co-owner of SYSTAP, which offers support and commercial licensing for bigdata®. Michael is an expert Java developer, with professional experience starting with JDK 1.0 in 1996 and spanning his entire career. Michael has undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Virginia. Michael is an avid and experienced rock-climber, focusing mainly on difficult single-pitch sport climbing.

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